The University of Colorado at Boulder is hosting the 2022 conference for the International Double Reed Society (IDRS).
(originally scheduled for 2021 but postponed due to COVID-19) 
This annual conference for double-reed musicians (oboe + bassoon) will also help introduce CU Boulder's new Imig music building. The hosts, Yoshi Ishikawa (bassoon) and Peter Cooper (oboe) commissioned me to create this promotional video to highlight all there is to enjoy in Boulder and the CU campus.
Once the performance excerpts for the soundtrack were finalized, I researched area highlights to include. I storyboarded the visuals, then edited based on client feedback and began animating the various scenes.
I used a combination of reference materials to capture the musician's likenesses while playing, and for base images from which to draw Boulder and surroundings. Some shots use crafted paper, animated in camera, but the majority of the scenes are drawn in Adobe Animate and compiled in After Effects with various textures.
This collaboration was one of my favorites to work on...not only were the clients generous with their trust in my animation process and vision from rough sketches to final render, but also animating to their beautiful music made drawing sessions even more enjoyable.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference initially planned for July 2021 was rescheduled for July 2022. The hosts asked me to create a bumper video to be played at the conclusion of the 2021 (online) conference.
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