I started experimenting with zoetropes a few years ago, when I started teaching an afterschool animation course for grade school students. The students at this school are rich in creativity, but with limited funds for technology, so we do everything in-camera and using analog techniques, which has in turn inspired my own explorations.
Island-zoetrope, 2019
5.5" diameter x 8" high
Painted paper, hand-and-laser cut; copper sheet hand-cut, scored and folded to create base for spiral rolled paper;
hand-crafted screws attached to Lazy Susan turntable bearing at base.
Arbor-trope, 2018
base 9.5" square, tallest point 9.5" high.
Painted and marbled torn paper, hand-cut black paper, pencil, painted sonotube, Lazy Susan turntable bearing at base.
Created for and used as the environment for Paradise/Paradaida animation intro.
Pumpkintrope, 2018
Medium pumpkin-size
Progressive animation: cut pumpkin
Zoetrope / Bowl, 2016
16" diameter
Side view of painted animations on wooden bowl.
Created for auction for a local non-profit.
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